Dalby’s Delicious and DeLIGHTful Festival

Dalby’s Delicious & DeLIGHTful Festival is Dalby’s signature festival taking place each August. It is a one and a half day event featuring multicultural food and live entertainment ending with a spectacular lantern parade and fireworks display along the banks of the beautiful Myall Creek that runs through the centre of Dalby.

Embracing and celebrating multiculturalism and inclusivity, it attracts locals and visitors alike. There’s a fun activity for everyone, from school groups and families to young adults and the elderly. The festival offers a varied range of workshops for children and includes an Australian citizenship ceremony welcoming new citizens into Australia.

A fun festival to be enjoyed by all. We hope to see you there this year!

Next Year’s Festival will be held on the weekend of 18th August 2018 – days and times to be announced.