After last year’s success with our Dalby Chef’s Cook-Off, we have expanded the competition to include the Great Home BBQ’er, a Cupcake Decorating Competition and the new favourite, Dalby Chef’s Cook-off!

Dalby Chef’s Cook-Off

The cook-off is a brunch-centered competition between local restaurants and hotels and clubs

  • Gas barbecues to be used for cooking with a hot-plate on the side
  • Each chef will be provided with a barbecue and a table
  • Each contestant has 40 minutes to create the ultimate breakfast for four using a basket of four mystery ingredients – the ingredients could be local pork, swiss cheese, eggs and tomato, each chef may provide up to 10 other pantry items knowing they will be asked to put a cultural twist on their dish.  Cultures in 2017 may include Italian, Swiss, Chinese, South African and Greek. The drawn culture will sent to the restaurant the day before. Chefs will be asked to wear a cultural item – e.g. hat and the front of the table will have a cultural flag and sign.  The extra meal from each chef will be auctioned with money raised supporting a local charity.  A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the winning entry with a replica trophy for the winning restaurant

DDDF_Dalby Chefs’ Cook-off

Great Home BBQ’er

Do you consider yourself a barbecue extraordinaire? Prove your barbecuing skills and gain the braggin

g rights at this y


ear’s festival.  Individuals or Pairs may nominate for our inaugural Cooking on the Creek Contest.

Wear your best barbecue apron and bring your own utensils.
Each contestant has 40 minutes to create the ultimate barbecue plate using the meat pack provided – a steak, sausage, lamb chop and rissole. An onion will also be provided.  Each barbecuer may provide up to 5 other pantry items.  A mystery product, will be sourced from one of the market stalls at the festival to be used in the competition.  A perpetual trophy will be awarded to the winning entry along with a Bragging Rights Certificate.




DDDF_Great Home Barbecuer

Cupcake Decorating Competition

There will be two divisions: 5 – 8 year olds and 9 – 12 year olds. Maximum number in each division is 30 so you MUST register
There will be 3 heats of 10 children in each division.  Children will be supplied with a cupcake and icing kit and will have 10 minutes to decorate their cupcake. Cakes will be displayed and judged and then EATEN!

DDDF_Cupcake Competition_Form







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